Child Support

Child support is funds to contribute to the cost of raising children. In the majority of cases the child support will be based upon the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines.  The Guidelines utilize on the net incomes of the parents to determine the appropriate child support for your family.  The law permits for payments outside of the guidelines for expenses such as unreimbursed medical expenses, childcare, activity fees, summer camp, etc.  It is important to make sure that these extra expenses are considered at the time of the child support determination.  The Court has the ability to award the child dependency tax exemption during the child support process.  This tax exemption can be financially valuable to both parents.  Whether you are seeking child support for your child or are obligated to pay child support, the attorneys as Voelker & Kairys, LLC will fight to for a support award that considers your family’s circumstances. 



ACBA Legal Guide for Families in Medical Crisis 

The new tax code may change your net monthly income and make you eligible for a support modification. If you would like to review your current support order please contact our office.